The acquisition of an individual enterprise, professional business or share in a company, in nuda propiedad, or in usufructo, by virtue of an inheritance process, permits the deduction of 95% of the value of assets necessary for the running of the activity if it has been managed habitually, personally, and directly by the deceased, and was his or her main income.Beneficiaries of this deduction are descendants. However, if there are no descendants, then ascendants may be beneficiaries, and if there aren’t any ascendants, then collaterals up to the third grade may be beneficiaries.

The widow or widower will always benefit.

The value of the assets must be kept in the circle of the beneficiaries during the next ten years.

It is not necessary to follow ( to run) the same activity.

The benefit is also applicable to the share in a company, limited proportionally, to the 95% of the value of the assets directly involved in the running of the business if the deceased had at least 5% of the capital and derived at least 50% of his or her income from his activity in the management of the company.
However, the benefit is still applicable if the deceased had, jointly with a family group (ascendants, descendants spouse or collaterals up to second grade), 20% of the capital, and when the requirement of earning at least 50% of his or her income from the management of the company is fulfilled by him or her, or any of the members of the family group.


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