Representatives before
the Tax Administration

Representatives before the Tax Administration (Agencia Tributaria).

It is mandatory for non-residents to designate a representative in Spain to receive notifications for, and to act on behalf of the tax payer.

For that you must fill in the representation form that can be found in the following link.

Please take into account that we will not carry out any use of this representation work until such time that we have received payment for our services. In cases in which tax must be paid, the complete amount must be deposited, either in our bank account or in your own bank account authorised to receive tax payments.

This form, states that you, Mr/Mrs/Ms with your full name, your current domicile and your personal identity number will be represented by one of our lawyers.

The purpose of the representation is, as stated on the form, to act on your behalf before the Agencia Tributaria, providing the Agencia with all the data you provide us with, to receive communications and to make all appropriate declarations on your behalf.

The form can also be downloaded from the official web site, by searching for “ modelo de representación” which is the specific “ modelo de representación en los procedimientos iniciados a instancia del contribuyente”.

Remember that non-residents must designate a representative in Spain.