Identification Number

Identification number for non-residents

You must get a N.I.F (fiscal identification number) if you haven’t already got one.

If you are not in Spain and not a Spanish citizen you need to go to with a valid passport (or identity document for EU nationals) to your nearest Spanish consulate in order to get a N.I.F.

Obtaining a N.I.F. can be done through a representative in Spain, a job that we would be delighted to do for you, this requires a notary specific power of attorney and a copy of all the pages of your passport, whether used or not. As this copy has to be checked or authenticated and then stamped at the Spanish consulate, you will have to go there anyway.

As the consuls can act as public notaries, you can take advantage of your visit by signing a power of attorney for us to act as your representatives before the tax administration, something which is mandatory for non-residents. If you are not going to visit Spain in person, the power of attorney of all of the beneficiaries will be necessary for us to complete the inheritance process. This process will be finalised by accepting and adjudicating the inheritance assets on your behalf, and leaving the assets registered in the name of the beneficiaries, either in the land registry if real estate, or in the traffic and naval registries.

We can arrange all this with the consulate prior to your visit.

If you are in Spain, we can arrange and prepare a visit to the Estate Office for you to carry out the above procedures by yourself and we can also arrange a visit to the notary to allow you to complete the paperwork and the inheritance procedure by yourself. Alternatively you can sign a power of attorney that will enable us to act on your behalf.

If you have already got a fiscal identification number but for the present, you only wish to liquidate the inheritance tax rather than complete the full inheritance process, you can opt to just sign the representation form that allows us to represent you before the tax administration.
Naming a representative in Spain to act for you before the tax administration is mandatory for non-residents.