International Successions


The New EU Regulation

We can advise you about the best way to prepare your tax declaration. We can also advise you about Plusvalía (a tax payable to the local council on the transmission of urban assets), notary and Land Registry fees, and all other issues related to succession and, very importantly, taxes to be paid at the time of selling

We can help you to obtain an Identification number for non-residents if you haven’t already got one.

We can fill in all the forms for you and act as your representatives before the Tax Administration (Agencia Tributaria).

We can pay and present your declaration at the Tax Administration.

With the above you will be complying with your tax obligations.

In addition to the above

We can arrange for inherited properties to be inscribed in the names of the beneficiaries, thereby Completing the inheritance process

We can also claim on your behalf the reimbursement of any excess that may have been paid, as explained in some news about inheritance tax in Spain