Provided there are no descendants, the ascendants inherit. If both parents of the deceased are still alive, they will inherit in equal share.

If only either the father or mother is still alive, he or she will be the inheritor, independently of whether there are any further ascendants on the other line.

If neither the father or mother is still alive, but there are other ascendants, the closest grade will inherit. If there are ascendants of the same grade in both lines ( line of the father´s ascendants and line of the mother´s ascendants), the estate will be shared equally between the two lines. In each line, the inheritance will be by heads, so if there are two grandparents in the father´s line and one grandparent in the mother´s line, the former will share half of the estate and the latter will inherit the other half of the estate

The Succession rights of the surviving partner must also be taken into account